Make your own wall pounding hip hop and electronic beats using your PC Or Mac
Perform With Confidence
Sound like a professional
Develop your own sound
You Want MIDI? Yep, We Do Thatt!

Simply hook up your MIDI controller to your PC/MAC for a full velocity sensitive keyboard experience.

BTV SOLO works with MIDI keyboards or pad controllers of any size with hot swappable connectivity.

Import your own samples
(& save valuable time doing it)

WAV or AIFF – 16 or 24 bit!

With our expansion packs: You simply download them, run the installer, and you’re ready to rock!

Importing your own sounds: All you have to do is copy your .wav or .aiff samples (or folders of sounds) into the BTV samples folder.

BTV SOLO will automatically update your sounds without even having to close and re-open the software and they are now loaded.

Make your own wall pounding hip hop and electronic beats using your PC Or Mac
Get Your and Start Making HOT Tracks Tonight
BTVSOLO: Music Production Software - Learn to produce music with step by step training videos and live support from real producers and engineers.
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System Requirements

Intel-based Macs only
1 GB RAM (or greater)
OS X 10.6 (or greater)
900 MB free space on OS drive

Pentium 4 (or greater)
1 GB RAM (or greater)
Windows XP (SP 2 recommended)
Windows 7 & Vista (32 and 64 bit)
900 MB free space on OS drive
2 GHz (or greater)