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Frequently Asked Questions

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Make your own wall pounding hip hop and electronic beats using your PC Or Mac

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q: Do I need a music keyboard or special sound sard or anything else? Mac? PC?
The only thing you need is a Mac or PC computer with working speakers or headphone jack.

2Q: Can I use my own samples?
2A: Simply copy your .wav or .aiff 16bit – 24bit sounds (or folders with sounds) to the ‚samples‘ directory and you’ll be able to sequence, edit, add effects, and more.

3Q: What’s the difference between BTV SOLO and Beat Thang Virtual?
In short without going into great detail: BTV SOLO has all the same features as Beat Thang Virtual, however it does NOT come with the sampler (but does have sample editing), it does NOT come with the VSTi (however is available as an optional add-on in the members area), and has fewer sounds. The rest of the features are the same.

4Q. Is this really the same as the Beat Thang hardware?
 Yes. BTV SOLO (and Beat Thang Virtual) gives you all the functionality of the hardware in a format for your computer. All of the features, sounds, workflow enhancements, and even the audio engine are the same between the hardware and software.

5Q: If BTV SOLO is so great, why is it so inexpensive?
5A: Great question, we get it all the time. Short answer: we wanted a product that was affordable to everyone, that would give everyone a chance to produce amazing music. Of course we hope you love BTV SOLO, and upgrade to Beat Thang Virtual and the Beat Thang hardware or get more of our sound packs, but BTV SOLO is about empowering as many people as possible to make their own music. We want to keep it in reach for everyone.

6Q: Is this a plug-in? VSTi? Standalone?
6A: BTV SOLO is a standalone program, meaning you don’t need any other programs or equipment to use the full functionality. We expect to offer an upgrade to the full plug-in version (AU/VST) in the near future, and all BTV SOLO customers who want to upgrade will get a full credit towards that purchase.

7Q. Does it run online or as a desktop application? Can I order it as a gift?
7A: It installs on your computer like any other Mac or PC application file would run.

8Q. Why am I not able to save my patterns, songs, etc?
8A: Click on the following link, download the file, and install:
Downloading and installing this will create the user data path folder needed to save your BTV Solo material.

You’ll want to use your computers power to run this, not an online component relying on your internet connection for response times and overall work/creative flow… Quick tip for you – always get the desktop software vs web, always.

Yes you can order from work, or school, or anywhere, even order for a friend/family as a gift. What happens is: You order – & you get emailed with login credentials for our members area, and start your install process in there. So you can order now – and get to your home computer or other computer that will use it – login – continue with the install.

**NOTE: YOU ALSO GET TWO (2) LICENSES TODAY – So you can give somebody else a fully authorized copy, or you can run it on two of your own machines – both are identical without any limitations or differences. Enjoy!!

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